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[06 Jan 2005|01:32pm]
New Journal: foreignersuite
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[04 Jan 2005|06:45pm]
School was a bit of a snore as usual, apart from P.E. theory with craaaaazy Mrs. Gray who is actually a really really big mental case, she was listing sports and says "now, WHAT ABOUT DARTS????" And in english, Grace wrote "Ahhhhhhh man" on my had which I 'cleverly' turned into "Ahhhhmani" Oh joy.

After school met mother at cafcass and went to get eye test, the optician acted like a kids t.v. presenter, I think he chose the wrong profession, anyway, I am gettin the ebay glasses fitted. They will be ready for tomorrow, cccooooooool.

On the way back this young lad asked my mother if she wanted to buy some gear. Hhahahahaha. Actuallly I can't blame him, she dresses like a person on drugs.

I think I am going to make my self a new journal.
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[03 Jan 2005|08:13pm]
Last night we had a rock thrown through our bathroom window. NO FUCKING JOKE. And it was on purpose (I'm not actually sure how it could have been accidental) because there is a dent in our kitchen window where another rock throwing attempt was performed.

The 'rents think it was the crazy person who has obsession with dogs barking. We don't even own a dog. This person sent threatening letters to us and the former owners of the house next to us (that is why they moved)and also left a knife wrapped in a threatening letter on the window sill of this house down the road's.

Anyway, it was properly scary and now the bathroom is chilly.
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[02 Jan 2005|11:47am]
New Year. Again.
Not-very-pleasent-but-still-quite-fun night with Zoe and Nicky.
Watched some fireworks from the attic.
Met an amazing skaterboader man who was posh and blonde. Hahahahahaha.
Went round to Laurens house to see if there was a party going on but there wasn't.
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[30 Dec 2004|08:16pm]
"A nudge is as good as a wink to a blind bat"
- Stefan
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[28 Dec 2004|06:33pm]
Got back from Shropshire the other day. Not much to say on that. Yet another family scandal.

For Christmas, my Grandmother got a new wheelchair.

That's funny because.....

she can actually walk.
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[19 Dec 2004|01:09pm]
Yesterday I did hardly anything.
It's strange because I always seem to wait forever for the holidays and when they finally come I realise that often I have the most fun when I'm hanging out with my friends at school.
At least I don'thave any coursework to do this yuletide. Thank God.
Today I am going to Sash's.
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[18 Dec 2004|10:58am]
Last night was a bad one.
Went downstairs and my mother was crying again.
Jesus, I wish she would just get a grip. I know that sounds insensitive but I really do hate it when she cries.
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[17 Dec 2004|06:42pm]
Grace made me the best christmas card. It was tall and thin with a giraffe with a santa hat and sunglasses on (as I requested) and it said "The height of cool" which was funny. I gave Grace some hairclips, some of which were penguins.

Have done some wrapping tonight. Still have christmas presents to buy, what a drag.
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[05 Dec 2004|03:25pm]
Yesterday was really nice. People came over, we hung out. Father borrowed my false moustache that Nicky once wore, I don't think it is wearable again, but that's O.K because it went with his tea-cosy-and-"zany"-shirt combo. I'm not sure why he was dressed as he was but to be honest its not that unusual in our household.

Its coming up to the 6 month parents splitupaversary. And Christmas, obviously. Or Hannukah if you are Jewish.

Really want to see Napoleon Dynamite, don't at all want to see Coffee & Cigarettes.

In the guide this week it was the overrated issue they put some excellent things in it, like Twin Peaks, that's not overrated because it has a woman who treats a log like her pet in it. Quality.
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[03 Dec 2004|06:41pm]
I think I have got a cold from the big hot water bottle burst of '04.

Actually that's pathetic, but still have got a cold and my house is freezing, but it's ok because we have had an offer which looks g-o-o-d. fingas crozzed.

Clemmie and I had many great conversations in maths, she is one fantastic maths-buddy, unlike Laurence who refused to join in our talks.

In art we are doing oil paintings. I am doing the west pier, Rosh is doing a wintery forest scene and Tashi is doing a house in a snow globe. Wild.
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[29 Nov 2004|07:15pm]

Excuse me, but was I the only one to notice that the Curry's slogan has changed from "always cutting prices" to "always lowering prices"?? when did that happen? and why? one is obviously a lot more catchy than the other.

Saturday, went into town to meet Nicky and Laurence and just as I saw Nicky at Borders I aslo saw SmEmma, then she said "HI Merida!" (unusually chirpy for a goth) and I said "hrruuhmmmggg". The me and Nicky quickly scooted off to stand somewhere else.

I think I might be going to see Bloc Party, The Futureheads and The Killers at the dome but I am not so sure.

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[28 Nov 2004|05:49pm]
Today I went to a record/cd fair. I bought 3 bargain albums,

Cat Stevens
The Velvet Underground and

There were quite a lot of hard core music fans, when I say that I don't mean that they like hard core music but they are obsessive about music. I am quite sad my record player is broken because I did want to buy some vinyl.

The X factor is so fixed. I hope it is fixed so that G4 come second, because it would make them less credible if they came first, no offence to Will Young.
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[26 Nov 2004|07:07pm]
Urhg, feels like it has been boring, though it hasn't. But I do wan to do something exciting, i suggested to everyone that we should have a rave and then it was all like "but where?" and "thats not actually going to happen" so it'll probably be just another weekend like all the rest seem to be.

Watching 'Neighbours' today actually made me feel quite emotional, the scene with Dr.Karl and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Susan brought back bad memories.

I wish I had gone to see that film on tuesday now, it looked good, essays to write though, thank god its over at last, next stop....the cosmological argument! (sarcastic cheers)
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[24 Nov 2004|07:14pm]
Today was good. We had the really really super amazing man for our philosophy lesson, he was so funny " no matter how much our opinions change, there is still the mystery of the cup of tea, how did it get there?" tres amusant.

Talking of phil & eth, Origins of the Universe essay due in tomorrow/friday.

Talked to old Stefi about table tennis club, he said you had to be of national standard which is a bit annoying because although I think i'm really good, I don't think my special-double-paddle method would exactly be of national standard.

Michael invited me to his party, in person, and so did Betty to hers, yesterday, although she didn't really invite me, I asked her but she did seem enthusiastic when she agreed which is positive.
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[22 Nov 2004|06:43pm]
Not sure what to say about today, wasnt very good but not awful either. Did get invited to crazy Amy's party though which should be good, because, obviously crazy Amy is crazy and does crazy stuf therefore her party should be crazy which is never a bad thing.

I think people should have more parties. I wouldn't exactly call myself sociable but I like parties.

Also Laurence said a strange thing in Maths, which was "My opinion of you hair has improved"

I am going to start read The Great Gatsby again because time I tried I was aslo reading 1984 which is reeeally good.
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[18 Nov 2004|07:10pm]
Back from New York which was fantastic, obviously, because it was New York and I can't imagine New York not being fantastic. Very cold though. Brrrr.

Today at 6 o'clock the video for the new rendition of band aid's "Do they know it's Christmas?" was played on every single channel, I thought the recption had gone funny. I noticed Lemar was without a maracca.

Philsophy was quite a haul today, we were discussing infinty. Here's this for a puzzler: if there are infinty prime numbers and infinity whole numbers then are there the same number of whole numbers as there are prime? So are all numbers prime?

Tomorrow I am going to Nicky's and we are going to bake a cake.

Pictures will be posted soonish.
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[04 Nov 2004|07:06pm]

here are some well-overdue photos.

BettyzzzCollapse )
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[28 Oct 2004|06:56pm]
Today I was meant to go out with Nicky and Cassie but i had a really bad headache so I stayed in. Have taken up reading "The Man Who Mistood His Wife for a Hat" again. Which is really interesting, I think I'd quite like to be a neurologist. No, actually I wouldn't.
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[26 Oct 2004|06:30pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

God Im sad about John Peel, it doesnt seem right for him to die.

Anyway, last night was dinner party, it was a blast. Ate food and watched Grace's Dad on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. The we found a glow stick and raved for a bit.

This morning Sash came round and we watched some dvds.

Tomorrow is Stefan's party.

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